Monstrous Devices by Melanie Karsak

April 2019 Dive into this collection of magical steampunk tales filled with wicked villains, renegade magicians, cunning monsters, and devious devices. Join Alice, Clemeny, Lily, Modeste, and others in this unique anthology of gaslamp fantasy, science fiction, and...

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The Case of the Repurposed Man by Nied Darnell

February 2019 Covert Cogs Weird West Steampunk: Book 2 Samanthalia Gast is undercover as a nurse at the Fort Omaha Irregulars hospital to uncover the perpetrators stealing the highly secret medication caromachinapoculum. The formula is what allows flesh and machine...

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Precipice by Thomas Webb

September 2018 Precipice: Clockwerk Thriller - Book Two Colonel Julius Montclair, hero of the Battle of the Potomac and the Savior of Washington. The youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, a man burdened by his own fame. Only he has the experience and skill to...

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Stalemate by Thomas Webb

May 2018 Stalemate: Clockwerk Thriller - Book One Colonel Julius Montclair, elite soldier and the youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, has been humbled by war. He’s venerated for his bravery at the Battle of the Potomac, but he will carry the scars of that...

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Vindication: Clockwerk Thriller by Thomas Webb

February 2019 Clockwerk Thriller: Book 3 Broken and a shell of the man he once was, Union airship Commander Julius Montclair has fled his home and his friends. The pain of old wounds, both physical and mental, wrack his body and mind. A dire new threat looms on the...

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The Matchmaker wore Mars Yellow by Shelley Adina

Pending Release Date Mysterious Devices series: Book Three Daisy and Frederica Linden have tracked their missing father to Bodie, the most dangerous town in the Wild West, where bad men murder without guilt and single ladies are as rare and valuable as gold. Here they...

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Interview with Nied Darnell

I couldn’t wait to share this interview with Beth Daniels. She is a fascinating women with a wealth of knowledge and publishing experience. Writing as Nied Darnell, her latest Steampunk release is THE CASE OF THE REPURPOSED MAN by Nied Darnell, a Weird West Covert...

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Interview with Thomas Webb

I really enjoyed my recent interview with author Thomas Webb. I think you will all enjoy learning about this fascinating author and his amazing Steampunk books. More on Thomas' Webb Could you please tell us about your newest release? I’d be happy to. 😊 My latest...

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Interview with Christine Norris

I’m thrilled to be able to interview author Christine Norris and gain insight into her writing process and learning more about her and her writing. Learn More about Christine Norris' Books Could you please tell us about your newest release? A Curse of Ash and Iron is...

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Interview with Katelyn Yauger

I recently had the please of pleasure of interviewing author Kate Yauger and getting to know her and her thoughts on the Steampunk genre and what drew her to it.. Her upcoming release is Skyqueen, a steampunk novella set in an alternate timeline during the time of...

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Big River Steampunk Spring Faire

The Gilded Age. 1904 World's Fair. Nickelodeons. Ocean Liners. Houdini. Moving Pictures.  Horseless Carriages. The Ragtime Era, roughly 1890-1914, was a time of unbridled enthusiasm throughout the world, a time of industrial innovation, social advancements, and an...

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Frostpunk Is Finally Making Its Way to PS4 and Xbox