Dukes are Forever by Bec McMaster

February 2019 London Steampunk:  The Blue Blood Conspiracy #5 A compromising situation forced him into marriage. But has his wife been working for the enemy all along? In a steam-fuelled world where vampires once ruled the aristocracy, the Duke of Malloryn knows his...

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The Revenant Express by George Mann

February 2019 Newbury and Hobbes:  Book 5 Following their bloody encounter with the Executioner, Sir Maurice Newbury's assistant Veronica Hobbes is close to death. Desperate to save her life, Newbury and Veronica's sister Amelia board a sleeper train bound for St....

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Carpathian Devils by Alex Oliver

January 2019 Atlantean Devices:  Book 1 It's a game of cat and mouse, and he's the mouse. Pursued by his father's assassin-butler, British scholar Frank flees to Romania to study the Atlantean technology on nobleman Radu's land. Soon the assassin is the least of his...

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Rottingdean Rhyme by Niles Nisse Visser

January 2019 A short Steampunk novella Sussex, 1867. A broken heart drives Yard Pilkin from his native London to a small fishing village on the Sussex Coast. The locals are wary of strangers and initially keep their distance. After Yard makes some unlikely friends, he...

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Lycans and Legends by Melanie Karsak

March 2019 Steampunk Red Riding Hood:  Book 6 Someone is trying to assassinate the Queen. After stopping a mysterious preternatural assailant wielding an enchanted dagger, Clemeny is on the hunt. Why is someone after Victoria? To find answers, Clemeny Louvel must...

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Syfy goes steampunk for 6th edition

Originally Published here Bartow is going back to the futuristic past. The theme for the sixth annual Syfy Bartow is steampunk, a genre and an esthetic emphasizing Victorian-era attire crossed with evocations of steam-powered machinery in a retro-futuristic way....

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Howls and Hallows: Steampunk Red Riding Hood

I'm so excited to be back for a visit at the Steampunk at Coffee Time Romance and More blog. I'm here today to share news about the latest release in my Steampunk Fairy Tale world. Howls and Hallows is part of the Steampunk Red Riding Hood series. In this series,...

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Tea Time

Even though the first four Conn-Mann books are set in New York, where four o'clock tea is not the tradition it is in the United Kingdom, tea is very important to the series. So important that I teamed up with lovely tea lady Genevieve Dodd of Tea Punk Teas to create...

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